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We fund software, mobile, web services and gaming companies that either have a differentiating product or service where Internet is a key enabler. We eat, drink, talk and sleep Internet and we would love to hear "crazy" ideas on the same. While having a high barrier to entry for your venture is nice, it's not a must to get funding. But, it should have the ability to scale up, both technically and from a market perspective.

We fund teams that have the passion, commitment and internal expertise to take things off ground. We believe that good teams can pull of any stunt and work cohesively to produce brilliant output. An added advantage is teams who can provide evidence of their concept like prototypes or even wire-frames. This helps us understand better what the end goal of the venture is, how to engage with the market.

We are not very interested in me-too startups, who blatantly copy models from other ventures and want to create it all over. Re-inventing the wheel is fine only if you've a clear and compulsive differentiating factor. Else, we prefer stick to the original.

Who have we funded till now?

We, at Seeders, are proud to be invested in the following companies:

Zoconut Zocnut is an All-in-One Online Clinic Software for Dietitians & Health Coaches. it's a technology company working exclusively with the Diet and Nutrition Industry, committed to build innovative tech solutions to help in business growth.
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Trell Trell is a smartphone application based platform which enables its users to discover product reviews across various fields such as skincare and personal grooming, fashion, cooking, wellness, movie and web-show reviews, home decor, and travel.
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Shopo Shopo is the marketplace for everything with an Indian heart. By that we mean it's the place where you will find contemporary and traditional Indian designer, handcrafted and home made stuff, and their creators!
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Neeman's Neeman's is India's first Hyderabad start up focused on creating truly Comfortable shoes using Revolutionary Natural Fibre’s like Merino Wool , Plant based Castor Bean Oil & Recycled Rubber. They are focused on redefining the shoe industry using natural and renewable materials and creating shoes which are lightweight.
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AgniKul Cosmos Private Limited AgniKul Cosmos Private Limited focuses on design, development and launching of all aspects of rocket launch vehicle technology. They are working on creating small orbital class launch vehicle.
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AutoBrix AutoBrix is an end to end car cleansing solution which ensures the wash experience for your car as a memorable one with utmost quality at the least price in market. AutoBrix aims to simplify the way people can book for the service through mobile app at their convenience.
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Morpheus Tritiya Morpheus Tritiya is a start-up accelerator which focuses on working with early-stage tech ventures. Morpheus actively mentors young entrepreneurs to take their entrepreneurial dreams forward. They have created an ecosystem which fosters the growth of entrepreneurship in our country.
Evabot Eva is the simplest and most powerful way to surprise and delight your customers by sending memorable gifts and increase customer satisfaction and happiness.
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Zepo Zepo is an end-to-end e-commerce solution that helps you start selling online on your e-commerce website. You will find all the tools needed to grow your brand online with the Zepo platform. Founded in 2011, Zepo powers more than 2000 online stores across India.
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Aureusanalytics Platform and Products to bring the power of big data analytics at the point of decision for Insurance and Banking.
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Wishberry Wishberry is a new way of raising funds for creative projects through rewards-based crowdfunding. Our mission is to discover & empower creative ideas originating out of India and to put India on the creative map of the world.
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Azoi Azoi is a technology consumer company that works on ubiquitous computing to facilitate future inspired products. The renaissance of computing has begun and they are at its heart driving it forward with new innovative ideas. Their engineering and design teams research on computer vision, Human-Computer Interaction, new media design and mobile applications to ship out products that are closer to life.
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Plivo Plivo is a cloud platform for businesses, that enables them to develop telephony applications. Plivo abstracts the complex telephony infrastructure into simple, powerful and scalable HTTP APIs. With Plivo, one can build almost any kind of telephony application from simple click-to-call systems to complex applications like IVRs, Voice-mail Systems, or even a full-fledged Call Center, all without any prior knowledge of telephony.
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Eduora is a new kind of online learning environment that bridges the gap between social networking and Learning Management Systems. Built on a robust cloud-computing platform, it makes connecting and collaborating with your Education Network very simple and enjoyable. Video lectures, PPTs, PDFs, assignments and more are built in.
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CropEx Technology Solutions CropEx Technology provides web-based solutions for farm to fork trace-ability, online farm management and GlobalGap certification. CropEx brings the power of technology and knowledge in this connected world through its ERP and BI tools. In its small way, it is helping shape the rural India and their livelihood, i.e. agriculture.
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Car Singh CarSingh provides a unique platform for used car buyers & sellers that save time and extra cost in buying and selling process. CarSingh is also working to organize automobile after-sale market that is still one of the most unorganized sector in India. In shorts, it's building one-stop destination for used car related market.
Visit Car Singh website
Capricorn Gifting Solutions Pvt Ltd Capricorn Gifting is a corporate gifts and promotional products company with clients in IT, Pharma and other industries. It is a brick-and-mortar company, which aims to use technology and Internet as key enablers to grow exponentially by increasing its reach and customer experience.
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iDubba iDubba helps Indian Television viewers quickly find programs of interest and rewards them for watching TV. Users can set intelligent alerts for their favorite genre, sports, celebrities or movies and can also watch videos. Combined with Android app it provides best second screen experience possible.
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iimjobs is an exclusive job board for mid-senior level positions has raised an undisclosed amount from One97 communications, India Venture Partners, Pallav Nadhani, Abhishek Rungta, Anand Lunia, Shailesh Vickram Singh, Sachin Garg and others. had earlier been backed by The Morpheus, a start-up accelerator & micro-fund...
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Secpanel Secpanel's one click install hardens server against the most common and dangerous attacks. One can manage server's security from a web based dashabord...
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LetsVenture LetsVenture enables startups looking to raise seed/angel money to create investment ready profiles online and connect to accredited Investors...
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Betaout The All-in-one Ecommerce Marketing Software. Know your customers. Personalise every message. Deliver across channels...
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