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Why you might need seed funding?

Seed funding is the first stage of funding that a venture receives. It basically takes care of your initial expenses and helps you get off the ground when you need it the most.

Many companies do not need any funding at all. Some companies do. For such companies that need an initial investment, Seeders provides the catalyst for the initial harvesting of ideas. Whether you need seed funding at all totally depends on what kind of company you're looking to start.

But, seed funding is NOT just about the money. The money is given to help you wade through the initial gestation period and get the first version up and running in place to be able to get further rounds of funding, or to break even.

It's about the experience and mentoring that is imparted to you on your product, strategies and business models. We and our guest mentors help you shape your ideas to reality. You get to learn from them, interact with them, present your problems to them and get solutions to the same, and network with some of the brightest minds in the industry. These are immeasurable benefits that cannot be bought with just money. We also help you connect to potential partners, customers and even investors.

We also mentor you in efficient project management skills and help you in selecting the right tools to perform a job, based on our experience. If we cannot ourselves assist you in something, we help you connect you to right technical people. Additionally, we give you access to support teams like content, design, legal and finance to get your work done fast and efficiently.

The best part of seed funding is that you still hold a majority stake in your venture. Seeders typically takes only 12-20% stake in your company in return for the funding and mentoring that it provides.